My Review

Baofeng / Pofung UV5R VHF/UHF Dual Band Two-Way Radio Set of 2 (Black)  

BeFunky Design



It really has a nice features and since according to the feedback, you can really guarantee the gadget is still working while he is using it. In terms of delivery, it was delivered early.

This walkie talkie is accordingly one of the best-selling of the company. It’s even affordable since it is discounted.


10 thoughts on “My Review

  1. WOh. I thought this was long gone. I wanna try this and go back in time where I would have actual real conversation with people away… Away from the mainstream which is just lacking and sickly.

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  2. Hi Sohaya! I am actually considering to buy this kind of radio. We need this because we have a very big house. I was a little bit hesitant with this product but thanks to your review. I think I need to order right now. Thank you!



  3. Ive been looking around for one of these. It’s really convenient for it’ll be easier to reach out to my nearby friends. I wont have to wait for a txt msg for a reply. Thank you and more useful old school products to come!

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  4. Omg I couldn’t agree more with what you said. It was the best thing around the market too, in so far as the affordability and the quality are concerned. Thank you for sharing this with us. I’m going to need one.

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