LesVenere: About Us


“LesVenere” is a combination of a French and Italian term which connotes “The Venus”. In Roman Mythology, Venus embodies love, beauty, enticement, seduction, and persuasive female charm among the community of immortal gods thus our beauty care company believes every woman is a mortal evolution of Venus.

Being now one of the fast growing cosmetic shops of the South and continuing to grow in every part of the world, our company carry on providing natural products which are being loved by many women nowadays. Chemical-free products are our top priorities because as a woman, we don’t want to cause additional problems.

Our company will continue meeting the desire and needs of women’s beauty by learning and researching all over the world and providing high-quality and less costly products in the market. As much as possible, we will stick to organic ingredients because we value the fragility of our skin. We would like to eradicate the fear that some women nowadays are afraid to try beauty products because of perception that it might ruin their skin. We will continue to make women around the world to boost up their confidence as we make our corporate slogan “Unveiling your goddess beauty” more actual.


13 thoughts on “LesVenere: About Us

  1. Wanna try this cosmetic product. I thought of it as innovation. I have my friend, kiera, who is in need of quality and new product for her face. I hope results would be great so I can make my family try to.


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